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Our blog contains a wide variety of posts on a range of topics important to the Foundation and its mission. We post regular updates on the work we're currently doing, along with posts on current issues.

ByFrances Jul 3, 2018

Investment and innovation in the Sahel region of Africa

The Sahel region of Africa has been targeted by the United Nations to increase prosperity and security. The countries Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Ch

ByFrances Jun 6, 2018

Still too many roadblocks for women entrepreneurs in Africa

While women entrepreneurs are leading the way in African countries there are still too many roadblocks. The Guardian’s Global Development s

ByFrances May 1, 2018

“No women, no growth” says World Bank

A World Bank study released in May shows how women’s rights affects economies across the world. A lack of rights protecting women, or excessive

Heading to a Trade To Aid session
ByHarry Gardiner Apr 15, 2018

Trade To Aid April Update

We have prepared new investees and investment offerings to qualified businesses - they came for our three trainings and have good business ideas.

ByFrances Apr 9, 2018

70 Years of the World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation celebrated its 70th birthday last week, offering a chance to reflect on its legacy and look at the challenges still

Trade To Aid Training Session
ByHarry Gardiner Mar 15, 2018

Trade To Aid March Update

This month marks the month in which we had to work on improving the quality of our service and vetting new people to offer investment to. Still h