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Our blog contains a wide variety of posts on a range of topics important to the Foundation and its mission. We post regular updates on the work we're currently doing, along with posts on current issues.

ByFrances Aug 15, 2017

New Director-General for the WHO

The World Health Organisation elected a new Director-General in May, the first time the organisation has chosen from multiple candidates. The win

ByFrances Aug 8, 2017

The front line of Universal Health Coverage

Last week we shared a video of the Elders Graça Machel and Mary Robinson visiting Tanzania to talk about universal healthcare. A story in The Gu

ByFrances Aug 1, 2017

Elders speaking on universal healthcare

Graça Machel and Mary Robinson were two members of The Elders in Dar es Salaam last week to talk about universal health coverage. They spoke to

ByFrances Jul 25, 2017

A focus on gender equality

A high level joint trip between the United Nations and African Union, has placed a special focus on gender equality. The UN Deputy Secretary-Gene

ByFrances Jul 18, 2017

“Why is Africa so poor” people ask – and what can be done

The Guardian newspaper has a regular “autocomplete questions” column that takes questions asked of Google and turns them into thoughtful, ins

ByFrances Jul 11, 2017

Public losing faith in ineffective aid spending

An excellent pair of articles in the Guardian recently give a lot of food for thought looking at growing public apathy towards international aid