“Eradicating poverty remains the greatest global challenge”

ByHarry Gardiner

“Eradicating poverty remains the greatest global challenge”

“Eradicating poverty remains the greatest global challenge,” says Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina Mohammed.

Ms Mohammed was speaking to the UN Economic and Social Forum earlier in May. “Addressing poverty, inequality, climate change, food insecurity and a sluggish and unpredictable global economy requires integrated responses and engagement by all actors,” she continued.

The eradication of poverty is the first of the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN for 2030. The follow-up to the Millennium goals they provide a comprehensive and interlinked blueprint and ambition for nations to meet by 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals are seventeen goals that include zero hunger, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, quality education and many more. The interwoven nature of the goals is something we are particularly interested in here at the Gardiner Foundation.

We believe that sustainable growth is best achieved by self-employed and entrepreneurial individuals building businesses that will raise them, their family and their community out of poverty while also contributing to the national economy.

Freed from poverty there is better access to healthcare and education, providing more jobs and investment. Infrastructure can be improved, there is more engagement in civic life. Jobs that are created are done so by the people in the community, tackling the problems faced in that community such as access to affordable and clean energy. Social inequality is reduced and sustainable communities emerge.

This is the sort of change that eradicating poverty can achieve, a knock-on effect that will make all other challenges that much easier to tackle. And it is a change that the Gardiner Foundation is committed to being part of.

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