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Trade To Aid February Update

February sped past due to preparations to introduce the new expansion of the Foundation’s new development: the Trade To Aid Toolbox. At the end of the month, we met with new Trainers who will be be working with us to plan and deliver training sessions, give business support and to monitor our investments.

Linda and Jerry

Our starting aim with the T2A Toolbox is to visit three new communities to do training and investment rounds. To test the Toolbox, we are training up three new Trainers who are going to handle the selected communities we are entering. They will be responsible for all the interactions with our investees making sure they keep their books accurately, offering any business support they need and ensuring they pay dividends correctly. They will also offer training sessions with them in future offering additional business education to their businesses.
Our Trainers have excellent understanding of the investment system and our investment modules. Their work has being very impressive based on the limited time they have been working with the T2A Toolbox.

We’ve also made a lot of changes to the contents of our training and also the materials we use to vet potential investees. We have also translated our training videos from English to Twi, a major local Ghanaian language, to make our training sessions better meeting both the literate and illiterate standard. This is, so far, proving much smoother and very successful.

More training sessions will be offered to people who have been to our first sessions and we’ve already made four new investments in the first week of March, with more to come.

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