Trade To Aid Training Session

Trade To Aid March Update

Trade To Aid Training Session This month marks the month in which we had to work on improving the quality of our service and vetting new people to offer investment to. Still having the Director in the country, we sorted out a better way to help people with our services thus our training packs and tools plus our investment plans. We deliberated into details how best we could make things easier for interested investees to access our support while not pressuring them to work with us.

Going forward, we feel we are using the right tools and methods to pass the message across to lots of people around our work jurisdiction. This includes the difference between microfinance, loans and microinvestment or investment in general. No other non-profit offers what we offer to our investees in Ghana that we are aware of. We are purely interested in the growth of the people, the small business holders to get big or to be able to make tangible profit to cater for their life situations.

Most awareness topics we create in our business training session are as follows: cash flow, monthly returns, annual returns, bookkeeping, customer retention, savings and many others. We also help them understand that even as a businessman or a businesswoman you need to pay yourself and that’s one of the ways to growing your business and better and achieve greatness.

We are working to have a great standard for the organisation that can run for a long time and be sustainable in terms of expanding and making us grow in all business aspects. We are geared to continue developing more business training tool packs and investing in as many potential businesses as we can.

Trade To Aid Graduate In this month of March we were able train about 50 people for three training sessions both practical and theory and we have invested in a further 9 people. We were able to meet our old investees to have further training with them to keep them updated. This month, we have had people come to our office to learn and know more about our services. The message about how investment works is going down quite well and we still hope to do more for lay people to get the education about investment. We look forward to train more business people to help them with the requisite knowledge needed to run a successful business.

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