Heading to a Trade To Aid session

Trade To Aid April Update

Heading to a Trade To Aid session We have prepared new investees and investment offerings to qualified businesses – they came for our three trainings and have good business ideas. Their performance is encouraging and we hope they will do very well in some months to come.

The use of the office space we secured has also proved very helpful and we have people coming all times to be a part of our investment programme. We are preparing to paste a huge banner to advertise our presence at the location so we can be found more clearly.

In this month, visits were made to our business people 3 to 5 times each to see how their businesses are doing. This is to check on their progress and also to make sure we are supporting them as best we can. We always want to assist our business people so we call them and visit them so we can try to build a relationship and a platform where they can trust us and tell us their problems so we can see how we can at all times support them.

We have had some unpleasantries we wish to work on day in and day out. We look to suggestions from people and compare our experiences to see how best we can create a better service for our businesspeople and our potential businesspeople. We also have commendation from other people who have tested our services and want to work with us again. Indeed is it a success story for us. They still need investment from us to keep expanding their businesses.  

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