Why is micro-investment special?

Quite simply, it’s the flexibility for the business owner receiving investment. Micro-investment allows small businesses to obtain funding, they would otherwise not have access to, without the constraints, burdens and limitations of a loan.

  1. NOT a loan.
  2. NO fixed term.
  3. Relatively large funding for a small share of future profits.
  4. NO deposit (or similar required).
  5. NO obligation to “repay”.
  6. NO liability for the recipient, even if their business fails.
  7. NO profit = NO dividend payments.
  8. Dividends are based on a percentage of profits meaning they scale according to business performance.
  9. All our profits are reinvested in the local community to create a sustainable growth circle.

In addition, we hope to be able to provide additional benefits to our business partners (business owners we invest in), such as internet/computer access and health insurance.