Our aim is to impower the world’s poorest through entrepreneurship.

The mission of our miro-investment initiative is to sustainably empower impoverished, entrepreneurial local people to start and grow their own successful, profitable, small businesses in order to help them lift themselves up out of poverty, without being reliant on foreign and domestic aid.

The aim of this initiative is to help tackle the issue of the short term “solution” of, the reliance on and the corruption due to financial aid for the long term problem of poverty.

How does it work?

Micro-investment is all about sustainable empowerment. Businesses need two important things to success: cash and knowledge.

Our aim is to offer these in a sustainable way. That’s why we’ve developed our micro-investment system.

We’re offering free basic business training, teaching topics such as marketing and bookkeeping. In addition to business education, we’re offering investments for small businesses.

A Training Session In Progress
A Training Session In Progress

We are pioneering high risk, no collateral micro-investments in small businesses in rural areas. This helps businesses in need of cash for expansion to access the funds they require. We have a specific focus on empowering female entrepreneurs and encouraging more women into business.

Our micro-investment model works just like a traditional investment but with a few tweaks…

We buy small stakes in rural businesses in return for a share of their profits. If the business doesn’t make any profit, there’s no obligation to pay us. Unlike a traditional investment, as a non-profit, we reinvest all of our profits in other small businesses in the local area, creating a sustainable growth circle.

Additionally, we agree on a set transparent buyout deal before we invest. This buyout allows the business owner to buy back our shares in their business at any time. The buyout is a dynamic figure that changes according to business performance to ensure affordability.

Training Certificate Presentation
Training Certificate Presentation

Once we’ve invested our money in a business, that’s not the end of our relationship. One of our Trainers will visit the business at least once per month to provide business support, advice and to check on business performance.

Plus, we run extra training sessions on an ongoing basis covering additional business topics and we hope to expand our range of training sessions even further.

Once we’ve invested in a business, it’s very much in our interests to help that business make money – we only make money when they make money.

The fundamental principle behind the initiative is that each branch grows and expands organically and sustainable along with the local community that it serves.

What is micro-investment?

Micro-investment is incredibly simple – it’s a traditional investment on a small scale, with a few modifications:

  1. All profits are reinvested in other local businesses.
  2. We agree on a standard dynamic buyout deal before investment that assures affordability.

Why is micro-investment special?

Quite simply, it’s the flexibility for the business owner receiving investment. Micro-investment allows small businesses to obtain funding, they would otherwise not have access to, without the constraints, burdens and limitations of a loan.

  1. NOT a loan.
  2. NO fixed term.
  3. Relatively large funding for a small share of future profits.
  4. NO deposit (or similar required).
  5. NO obligation to “repay”.
  6. NO liability for the recipient, even if their business fails.
  7. NO profit = NO dividend payments.
  8. Dividends are based on a percentage of profits meaning they scale according to business performance.
  9. All our profits are reinvested in the local community to create a sustainable growth circle.

In addition, we want to be able to provide additional benefits to our business partners (business owners we invest in), such as internet/computer access and health insurance.