Sanitary Pads Social Enterprise

The Problem: reduced school attendance and higher school dropout rates for girls due to menstruation, plus high cost, poor availability and low quality of existing sanitary pads

Our Solution: locally produced, low cost, durable and reusable sanitary padsĀ 

Using our existing relationships with a number of seamstresses and tailors, we want to produce highly absorbent, reusable sanitary pads. Our pads will be made of attractive and colourful fabrics to make them as appealing to teenagers and young adults as possible.

The pads must exceed the absorbent performance of existing disposable pads available on the market.

Our aim is to sell the reusable pads in small packs to school girls and working young women at a low cost, with all our profits being put back into arranging free menstrual health education in schools.

Our aim is for the price of our reusable pads to be lower than existing disposable pads.

We will use local women to go into schools and villages to sell the pads.

Our Plan:

This enterprise will also fit well alongside our sewing machine equipment hire social enterprise.

We will produce pictorial leaflets to use as sales materials, and also as instructions for the pads.

We will be working with existing health workers to assist with the delivery of menstrual hygiene education.

Our goal will be to use a distributed production network. This will involve a number of different seamstresses working individually to produce our pads to order. We will then sell the pads direct to consumers and also to stalls and shops.

Our profits from this enterprise will be used to provide health education to young people in schools, while also providing skilled employment for as many women as possible.