The T2A Club


In addition to our investment, investees receive automatic access to The T2A Club which gives a range of benefits that we provide for the lifetime of our investment in them. Benefits can include:

Joining Benefits

  • Basic business training course
  • Free signage to promote their business
  • Free business cards to promote their business
  • Bank account opening assistance
  • Mobile money account opening assistance
  • Voter registration guidance and assistance (for investee, their partner and any adult children)
  • Free locally sourced mosquito nets for their family

Ongoing Benefits

  • Free health insurance
  • Advanced business training courses
  • Adult education classes 
  • Unlimited access to one-to-one business advice (by phone and in person)
  • General IT, internet, emails, mobile phone support (by phone and in person)
  • Help managing your mobile money account (by phone and in person)
  • Bookkeeping advice and support (by phone and in person)
  • Access to the T2A reading library
  • Access to all training materials for revision at our office
  • Access to the internet (and a computer if needed) at our office
  • Free (limited) printing services from our office

We hope to continue to expand the Club’s offering in future to provide as many benefits to our investees as possible. Our aim is to help them and their families in every way we can.